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The Advocacy Fund is a part of The Advocacy Trust.


GENERAL OBJECTIVES  The Advocacy Fund Logo

The initial focus is to establish the fund by the raising of  and utilisation of funds in support of the family and to aid in proceedings involving family and children through Legal Advocacy and the establishment of other associated services; including research, supporting Legal Advocates, Advocacy and other strategic support and intervention service especially in family law matters.


To act as a general: aid, law, legal and advocacy fund to enable National and International:

Advocacy, Research, Education, Intervention, Assistance and Support, General and Ad-Hoc Advocacy, Law & Legal Services and/or advice, Representation (including between parties, inside and outside of court proceedings) and McKenzie Friends, Court Reporters, Interveners and other lawful or legal or support services and Arbitration and Mediation.




To fund or procure or support and/or enable other services including to assist in advocacy and to advocacy clients without restriction either in general to the service or for the person or persons individually, including support networks, groups, services and for personal and family repair, services to/for: children and families, subject to fund priorities and policies.

To develop, enable or provide services and support to families to enable the maintenance and enhancement and repair of the family unit and to provide interventions and services to both persons and other service provider whether community, public or privately based and to provide or enable the provision of education to enhance social integration of the family and wider community with a foundation in moral and ethical principals and practice.

To provide overhead and other support to advocates, advocacy firms and support organisations or groups and to enable them to provide free, pro-bono and funded or part funded services in any lawful or legal capacity.

To engage in the reform of social care interventions and support.

To provide or enable an approved register of advocates/ called The Advocacy Register endorsed by the Advocacy Fund under a Code of Conduct. The Register to include other disciplines.

To support and enable the freedom to practice law as a common law right of lay advocates or as they may be otherwise known in various jurisdictions and for the courts to accept requests for audience and to support actions to enable this.

To educate or enable the education and training of the public, groups, organisations, civil society and others on the whole body of law and statute and to promote justice and fairness and good practice and to alleviate injustice and resolve conflicts in every area.

To enable and be engaged in Law Review and Reform including implementation, policy, procedures and practice.

To provide or enable the provision of: buildings, equipment and other items/products or services either by loan, rent or gift.

To apply for and receive from or to give to individuals, companies, groups or organisations:

Gifts, Grants, Stipends, Donations, Bequests, Sponsorship, Retainers and Loans, funding and other finance public and private.

To hold and distribute the above for its own operation and for the above objects and to support others engaged in the above and other works.

To provide nominee, trustee, escrow and directorate services.

To act as Trustees, Directors, Board Members, Representatives and Agents, Secretaries, other officers, advisors, representatives and promoters of any association, group or body, whether incorporated or not.

To provide Formation Agent services for the formation of:

Foundations, Trusts, Companies, Charities and Others

Millions of Smiles PDF Print E-mail

Family Law in the UK, (as well in as in other countries) does not opperate as any normal person would expect, justly and fairly, no one who has had direct experience of either Private Family Law (Disputes between Parents over Contact) or Public Family Law (Maters involving Social Services) will tell you the system works in fact they will say it does more harm than good.

Apart from supporting Family Law Advocacy The Advocacy Fund is commited to the reform of Family Law in the UK and in other countries, so that the Trauma that people experiance in these proceedings are transparent, fair and just and not only the Millions of People in the Nations of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland but in other countries can smile and say "WE FINALY HAVE A FAMILY LAW SYSTEM WE CAN TRUST!"

But we need you to support that work!

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The Advocacy Fund is assisted mainly by volunteers who seek to work together to aid the Company in raising funds for Advocacy and the other work of the fund, Advocacy can make all the differance , if you would like to:

  1. Donate to the Fund
  2. Fundraise
  3. Be a Patron
  4. Raise our Profile
  5. Help in any way

Please contact us.